Dual Soft Sour Conditioner

Dual Soft Sour Conditioner

Product Code

1041A, 1041B, 1041C, 1041


5Lt, 15Lt, 20Lt, 25Lt

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Product Description

Dual Soft Sour Conditioner designed to soften and to neutralize any alkaline residue left from the main wash, leaving a beautiful aroma in the fabric.

Emergency Procedure

Treat as non hazardous material, prevent from entering waterways. For more details refer to MSDS.

Safety Directions

No specific regulatory requirements apply.

Transport & Handling

Not classified as Dangerous Goods according to the criteria of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, sixth edition.

Uses and Methods

Dilute 30ml of the concentrated fabric softener with some water and add to the machines reservoir. Fill this to the level indicated and follow the machine manufacturers instruction.

First Aid Directions

If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting, give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly. If in eyes, hold eyes open and flood.